The Toilet Paper Conflict

What is it about toilet paper that creates such silent conflict within a share-house? I don’t have a definitive answer, but the last few weeks has  provided me with some interesting insights.

Today marks the second consecutive week that the last, precious, square of toilet paper in my share-house was torn from the roll and flushed away. I know what you’re thinking: Gross. Well, yes, but after buying the last pack of toilet paper I had the foresight to stash a roll in my room in the event of toilet paper drought and house-mate-stale-mate. I thought that within a day or so someone would have to buy a new pack – right? Alas, I was wrong.

Covert operations from various house members saw the expatriation of another two rolls from the second bathroom in the house, which was great. For about two days. Since then (a week), a single Kleenex tissue box has been all that remains in the bathroom. This has been fine, and frankly quite funny for me to watch as I maintain my stubborn position of refusing to stock up again until I need to (I’ve still got at least a weeks worth in my stash!). What I’m most curious to see is what happens now after I just discovered that even the lonely Kleenex box has been depleted.

Will I come home from work victorious in finding a nice new 24 pack? or will the stalemate continue with yet another Kleenex box. Or, perhaps most concerning – no replacement at all. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

It does leave me to wonder though, why is toilet paper in share-houses the source of such silent (and often verbal) conflict? A quick check online shows that even the luscious 3-ply cottonelle toilet paper can be had for less than 70 cents/roll, so it’s not the cost involved – is it? Is there a stigma or a walk of shame associated with walking home from Woolies with a 24 pack of a different sought under ones arm? Or is it just that no one wants to purchase a shared commodity? I think a combination, but if you’ve got any other opinions let me know.

Until next time, I’ll maintain my position of “I bought the last pack” and continue on with my peaceful protest. Ghandi would be proud.


2 thoughts on “The Toilet Paper Conflict

  1. Hey there,

    That was a good read, reminds us of our shared accommodation days, Ricky used to hide his in the cupboard and take it out everytime lol.

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