Movember – and an Update to the Toilet Paper Conflict

November is upon us and, from what I can gather, it is one of the most hated months of the year for many Australian women. Why? because men everywhere grow ridiculous (and tickly) facial hair all in the name of a good cause – and for a laugh. This year, I’ll be one of those men. Not because I’ve finally grown out of my pre-pubescent upper lip bum fluff and will be able to grow a decent Mo, but because it’s a good cause and looking seedy for a month may prove to be an interesting social experiment. Whilst everyone knows that November is the month where Mo-Bros everywhere unite, not everyone knows exactly why the phenomenon occurs:

Movember Australia raises funds for both the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Beyond Blue: The National Depression Initiative. Both are great causes and I’d recommend any would be Mo-Bros out there to actually sign up and raise some money. Donating is a lot easier than you might expected, all you need is a PayPal account or credit card and people can donate online. No doorknocking with an ice cream container (unless you feel so inclined) and no taking the money into the bank. Here is a link to my ‘Mospace’ page where I’ll now shamelessly ask for your donations, even a dollar or two!

If you’re thinking about participating, all you have to do is sign up here, start clean shaven on the 1st of November and style it however you like (so long as the handlebars don’t join at the chin!). I’ve added some inspiration below:

As for the update on the toilet paper conflict that has been going on in my house: I’m happy to report that we now (due to my post or otherwise – I’m not sure), have an over abundance of toilet paper that should last us 2 – 3 months!


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