Movember: Half Way

We are now just past the half way mark in the month of Movember and there is something to be said about the camaraderie shared by the number of men on the streets donning a set of handlebars. I love seeing the slight tilt of the head in approval at another Mo-bros effort, or as oft the case for me, a look of “is that it?”. Nevertheless, I persevere and continue to raise money and look ridiculous in the name of men’s health. The goal at the start of the month was $500 and progress has made to a point where I’m now sitting just over $400 largely thanks to a donation from Central Venues. With two weeks to go and still some “I’ll donate” promises to chase up, breaking through the $500 mark looks very achievable!

Looking at the ‘leaderboard’ and seeing that some individuals have raised thousands of dollars is quite awe inspiring as it shows what can be done when people rally behind a cause. It’s also great to see how much some organisations are donating after just coming out of a financially tough few years. Companies that agree to match dollar for dollar to donors are (from what I’ve gathered) entitled to having their name listed in various pages on the Movember website. Large donations also visibly stand out from the crowd such as a $5000 donation from McDonald’s Australia I saw recently. The benefit? The business being seen as socially responsible and caring for a cause, which in turn strengthens the relationship with their consumers. First year marketing aside, without private sector donations organisations such as Beyond Blue wouldn’t be unable to offer the services they do. And for that, I’m thankful.

I’ve attached a picture of my no-mo-stache for your viewing pleasure and hope that the final product will be a little more impressive! I’ve received a few suggestions to regain some man-points lost this month due my inability to grow significant facial hair such as dying it black and turning it into a long, thin French Mo. Which sounds pretty cool. Although, I might wait until after my brother’s graduation ceremony this week to avoid ruining (or improving?) the family photo which is undoubtedly going to be framed on the wall for years to come. Do you have any creative Mo ideas I can use? Let me know in the comments. Finally, if you haven’t donated to Movember yet and would like to – here is the link to my ‘Mo Space’ page where you can simply click on the ‘Donate To Me’ button and pay with your credit card.


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