KFC Gift Vouchers

I was informed of something deeply disturbing recently that I wanted to share with you. How recently this begun I’m not sure, but nevertheless the fact remains that KFC now offers $500 gift vouchers.

After initially palming this off as a joke, which I can assure you it is not, and proceeding to contemple just how much popcorn chicken $500 will buy, several concerning questions came to mind. Firstly, what sort of person, when searching for a gift for a loved one believes that fast food vouchers is a good decision? Is a fast food gift voucher considered more thoughtful, and should be appreciated more than a gift of cash? What does a fast food voucher say about the relationship of the two parties involved? I can imagine the following conversation taking place: “I didn’t know what to get you, and I know how much you love fried food, so I just knew you would love a 5 year supply of KFC”. A conversation I’m sure would end in a hasty de-friending on Facebook.

The other disturbing thought that comes to mind is KFC (presumably) wouldn’t have created such a voucher unless there was demand for it. This means that out there, in the food courts of Australian shopping precincts is a select group of people that would actually appreciate recieving a $500 gift voucher for KFC’s products. This scares me and makes me feel that as a society we are doing something fundamentally wrong. With Christmas only a month away, I’d like to know: What would you do if someone gave you a fast food voucher? or are you likely to buy one for someone you know/love/hate, and more importantly – why?


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