Lucha Libre in Guadalajara

One of the reasons I stuck around Guadalajara for so long, besides the excellent Tequila Hostel was for Tuesday night Lucha Libre or, free wrestling. Knowing that drinks would be expensive at the event, a few of us from the hostel went out and picked up 8×1.2L bottles of Corona and Victoria beer to help set the mood for the night ahead. Which it did. … Continue reading Lucha Libre in Guadalajara

The Road to Denver and ‘Utah Girl’

In what became a common theme of the trip, it wasn’t until sometime towards the end of the Vegas inebriation that I told everyone that I would be continuing on the road-trip. After actually following through with it the morning after, the guys learnt that I tend to commit to my statements, even if they were made in a different state of mind. Check out … Continue reading The Road to Denver and ‘Utah Girl’

VIP Clubs and Toptional Pools – Vegas Pt 2

After managing a few hours of sleep everyone besides Pat made it down for the amazing buffet selection at Cesaers, taking full advantage of the eggs benedict until they ran out. It was a particularly slow and hazy morning so by the time we had finished with breakfast it was after midday and time to make a move on the plan – hit up one … Continue reading VIP Clubs and Toptional Pools – Vegas Pt 2