Bangkok to Krabi: Government Buses vs. Tourist VIP Buses

Recently faced with the daunting overland journey from Bangkok to Krabi I was armed with three options. Having had a bad experience on the ‘VIP’ tourist buses that run between Surat Thani and Bangkok involving seats that barely reclined, had no legroom and a blocked toilet, the smell of which wafted throughout the entire cabin, I was reluctant to give the bus another go. The … Continue reading Bangkok to Krabi: Government Buses vs. Tourist VIP Buses

Top 12 Thailand Experiences

As my time in Thailand comes to an end I wanted to reflect on some of my favorite experiences. These aren’t necessarily specific tourist activities, simply experiences that I think those coming to Thailand shouldn’t leave without having. 1. Temples Starting with an obvious one because whether you love them or hate them, a trip to Thailand without visiting at least one of the temples … Continue reading Top 12 Thailand Experiences

301 Muay Thai: Final Review

8am. I’m pulled from a dreamless state and roll over, arms flapping around searching for the water bottle I’m sure I put next to my bed last night. Ten seconds later and success, I can relieve my mouth of the dry, awful flavors from the previous night of drinking. It’s only been a couple of days since leaving 301 Muay Thai and my body is … Continue reading 301 Muay Thai: Final Review

Six Weeks At 301 Muay Thai: What I’ve Learnt

My six weeks here at 301 Muay Thai and MMA is almost up and I wanted to spend a moment reflecting on some of the things I’ve learnt during my time here. Some of these weren’t completely foreign concepts to me, however since experiencing them first hand I feel I can now better relate to facts I’d read or advice once sought. Firstly, and most … Continue reading Six Weeks At 301 Muay Thai: What I’ve Learnt

Half Way at a Muay Thai Training Camp

As of the 8th of March I’m half way through my six week stint at 301 Muay Thai and I can’t believe how fast it is going. The first week was painful, really painful. I went through a container of Tiger Balm that week trying to ease pains in my groin, calves and neck as they slowly strengthened and adjusted to their new routine. I … Continue reading Half Way at a Muay Thai Training Camp

Hitchhiking in Thailand

The problem, and perhaps a feature of spending time in a fishing village like Sam Roi Yod is its remoteness. On some days you are glad to be in an environment free from the distractions of alcohol, parties and the ridiculous number of Australians in Thailand. Whilst days like I had recently both astonish and frustrate me. This, is the story of my first hitchhiking … Continue reading Hitchhiking in Thailand

First Week at 301 Muay Thai

6.24am. The bell is ringing, rooster’s screeching, dogs barking and now, Yohan is knocking on my door waiting for a sign of life. I grumble in response. 6.24am isn’t a time that should exist in the life of an unemployed 21 year old holidaying in Thailand, but here I am, and the clock on my cheap Samsung phone is taunting proof. I’m not on holiday … Continue reading First Week at 301 Muay Thai