Blogs are Weird

I’ve been toying with the idea of keeping a blog since before this trip even began and its taken me three months to make any sort of decision. In the years since my last big trip I haven’t re-read any of my previous posts, leaving me to wonder what was the point in starting a new one. At one point I thought the problem was narrative. The market for good travel blogs containing advice and trip reports is pretty well covered and not something I want to get into. I’m also not crazy about the idea of writing chronological I did X -> Y -> Z blog like my last one was. The idea which appealed most was “Finding Maria”, an concept which started as a joke, with me traipsing around South America in search of the love of my life, Maria. That’s still my favourite idea for sure, but it’s 3 months in and I’m yet to find The Maria (although there are a few around) nor am I exactly proactively looking.

There are some Maria’s out there

In the end, the main reason I’ve picked up the keyboard now and started writing comes down almost entirely to memory. My memory is bad at the best of times and it occurred to me just recently that details of names, places and activities from early on in my trip have already started to fade.

By capturing in some written form what I’ve done, I hope to use this blog as a memory tool and newsletter for myself and anyone else who happens to read it. I can’t promise that I’ll commit to it for the rest of the year, nor that it will be any good. But it’ll be something.


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